Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sandwich Show at American Sardine Bar

BIG Thanks to everyone who came to check out the show & also to chef Scott Schroeder & Michael Jordan at ASB for hooking it up. The show will be up until January at American Sardine Bar, 18th & Federal in Philadelphia. 

25 sandwich paintings, some are from the menus of American Sardine and South Philly Taproom, others are Philly classics, then some random regional stuff that I've always wanted to draw. 

A bunch are still for sale, you can check them out at the bar or just email me (hawk krall at gmail dot com) for more info & prices.Check out the whole show on flickr and/or the awesome article that Drew Lazor wrote about the show for the Daily News. 

These were all done on wood with house paint - something I'm getting into that's faster & looser than my illustrations. I don't do anything more than a thumbnail sketch (if at all) before drawing straight onto the board, different from my detailed hot dog diagram illustrations where I painstakingly agonize over every detail with 20 layers of tracing paper.

Definitely into doing work like this for clients - I don't know how well they will scan and reproduce, but if you're just looking for something to hang in your restaurant or hot dog cart, I can do this a lot faster & cheaper than the other stuff, and you'll receive it ready to go up on the wall or whatever.

Also debuting at the show was the South Philly / South Africa Gatsby Combo in which Scott and myself collaborated to attempt fusion of the South Africa Gatsby Sandwich and the infamous Philly Combo

For this special Scott has been driving up to Rieker's in Fox Chase to pick up their mind-blowing beef and pork frankfurters - maybe one of the best in the country - if I was running a kitchen in Philadelphia there is no way I wouldn't serve these. Topped with deep fried cod, skate wing and potato fish cakes, mustard seed /  longhot pepper hash (nod to both philly and the indian achtar pickles served on Gatsbys in South Africa) and tumeric mayo.

I don't know if this thing has much to do with authentic Gastbys or real Philly Surf & Turf but it's freaking delicious. Even though it sounds insane, it really really works. On the menu until January, when ASB will unveil the next monthly guest sandwich.

December 8th - January 2013
American Sardine Bar
18th & Federal, Philadelphia

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sandwich Show this weekend at American Sardine Bar

All new paintings of sandwiches from Scott Schroeder's menus at ASB and SPTR, Philadelphia hoagie shops, and some others from around the country. Check out the opening next Saturday the 8th at American Sardine. 

Also on the menu for the month of December, some sort of wild sandwich collaboration, a cross between the famous Philly Combo and the South African Gatsby sandwich. 

Opening Sat December 8th
American Sardine Bar
18th & Federal, Philadelphia

Post-It Show at Giant Robot 2 in LA

Just shipped these off to the 8th annual Post-it show at GR2 in Los Angeles featuring pretty much every awesome illustrator / artists / cartoonist you've ever heard of. Battlestar Galactica and Gyros.

2062 Sawtelle Blvd; Los Angeles, CA
more info at

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pancake Signs for Runners World

HUGE article in the October issue of Runner's World about pancakes. Bunch of spots for this section on pancakes at chain restaurants.

Originals (much bigger than in the magazine) are for sale here:

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Izakaya Etiquette for Willamette Week

Quick one for Willamette Week in Portland on Izakaya Etiquette. Really fun to do and makes me want to go to a real Izakaya. 

Read the article over at WWeek-

Monday, October 15, 2012

Charlie's Pool Room T-Shirts

Super super limited edition. John (pictured) emailed me about a year ago that him and his wife and some buddies were driving from Virginia to New Jersey to visit the legendary Charlie's Pool Room and wanted to make some shirts for the trip. 

These are not for sale anywhere, although I do believe there is one at Charlie's among their permanent collection of memorabilia and press clippings.

They ran off a total of 6 shirts using cafepress and my artwork which was originally done for Serious Eats ( also available as a print in my store) and I'm surprised how good they look. Thanks to John G Douglas for sending the photos.

Charlie's Pool Room is one of the most unique hot dog places in the country.. think combination candy store, pool room, and outsider art shrine, with hot dogs. Delicious, delicious hot dogs, shallow fried in a pan and topped with Grandma Fencz's secret hungarian sauce. 

Original art / Serious Eats post: Hot Dog Of The Week - Charlie's Pool Room
More of my photos from Charlie's on Flickr
Buy prints at


It's that time again.. cleaning out my studio and selling off piles of artwork old and new for CHEAP. I've got leftover stuff from my 1026 Show, plenty of hot dog and food paintings... ancient Philadelphia Weekly Steven Wells illos, etc etc etc. Get it now while the getting's good. If you want a bunch of stuff email me (hawkkrall @ gmail dot com) about discounts on shipping or whatever. 

Check out everything that's up for sale at or scroll down to see some featured items-

Martin Starr as Roman from Party Down, aka the last TV show I actually laughed at. There's also one of Ron Donald, the manager who's dream was opening a "Soup or Crackers" franchise. 30 bucks. 

Wild "frankenburger" illustration I did for a "best burgers" article in Cincinnati Magazine a while back. $225

One of several from Steven Wells' On The Radar column I have available. This one was something about Americans secretly wanting to be spanked and berated by their British superiors aka Gordon Ramsay. I illustrated Wells' Philadelphia Weekly column for years so I have tons more if there's any Swells historians out there. Most under $100.

Dolph Lungren as the Punisher from the terribly awesome 1989 movie, for Shepard Fairey's Swindle Magazine. This was in the now super rare (50 bucks on ebay!) Issue #8 with Banksy stuff on the cover. 100 bucks.

Ultra obscure hawk krall hot dog art, for a Brazilian "internationally themed" hot dog restaurant that never got off the ground. $150.

From the same Brazilian hot dog job. $50

Darryl from Storage Wars! Marked down to $125 along with similar portraits of Jarrod & Dave Hester.

Punk rock ice cream! For Seattle Stranger. $39.

And TONS more. Check them out here:

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Helmet Nachos - Cincinnati Magazine

Nachos! In a Helmet! Oozing with fake cheese and ground beef and maybe shredded chicken. For Cincinnati Magazine a few months back.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Pizza Brain Update

YES, Pizza Brain, the Worlds First Pizza Museum and Restaurant is open for business. And NO, the Pizzalebrity Wall Of Fame Mural I'm working on in the backyard - featuring something like 150 famous / infamous / not really famous at all Philadelphians devouring pizza together - is not finished, but if the backyard is open you can come check it out in progress, or just go there to check out the amazing museum and pizza.

This massive mural, including everyone from Cosby and Ben Franklin to the Broad Street Bullies, Mikey Wild and most of the Pizza Brain family - probably the biggest project I have ever (attempted) to do in my life - should be done in about two weeks. If you want to follow the progress check out pizza brain and myself on twitter or better yet instragram where there's tons of progress shots from the last few months.

Pizza Brain
2312 Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA

Paintings for The Wurst Bar in Ypsilanti, Michigan

Recently finished these 4 paintings for The Wurst Bar in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Really cool place with a menu of all house-made sausages including a bunch of veggie stuff. Yet another place I've worked for that I really wish was closer so I could eat the food.

Stuff looks awesome, right? I'm a big fan of anything Pimento Cheese and those Nacho Tots look crazy. All the pictures I've seen the food looks really tight and well executed, they aren't just slopping this stuff together, and looks like a great beer list going on too. 

These dudes were also great clients to work with and very patient with me juggling this along with a massive mural and about 100 other projects this summer. Go check them out if you're in the area. Oh and check out some process pics below. 

705 West Cross Street  Ypsilanti, MI 48197
(734) 485-6720

Food Network Magazine

Nice feature on my hot dog paintings alongside some "money" grill recipes by Guy Fieri , lobster rolls,  Jose Garces's top 5 Philly eats, plus a cool LA Taco Tour map illustrated by Michael A. Hill. 

Seattle Dog - Seattle Weekly

Seattle dog illustration (originally done for Serious Eats) featured in a recent Seattle Weekly cover story on the origins of the "Seattle Style" cream cheese hot dog. 

I'm quoted along with my buddy Garrett Morlan (also an awesome illustrator  ) who tipped me off to these things when he moved out there a few years ago.

Also interviewed for the article was Keith over at Hot Diggity about his version, which I also did the artwork for. Diggity's version takes it more in a "bagel" direction, which i always thought was sort of wrong, until I read this awesome article and realized the first guy to do this in Seattle was a bagel guy.

The funniest part is that everyone in Seattle thinks the style came from Philadelphia, assuming that we slather everything in cream cheese. Anyway the article is fantastic - and follows the history of the Seattle cream cheese dog WAY further back than I had any idea it went - to hot dog carts in the park during the grunge era - supposedly someone was hit in the face with a cream cheese dog at a Pearl Jam concert in the early 90's - and a bagel place that made hot dog roll sized "bialy sticks" and filled them with hot dogs.

From the grunge carts and bagel dudes the trend spread to vendors outside Mariners stadium - where i had assumed it started - like Joe Bernstein at Joe's Grilled Gourmet Dogs, who's been slinging them for something like 15 years. Joe may not have invented the cream cheese thing, but he's probably the first person to call them "Seattle Style".

From then it spread across the country, in waves - the most famous cream cheese slingers outside of Seattle being Biker Jim in Denver (who bought his first cart - cream cheese caulk gun and all - from a guy in Seattle) and M.A. in Alaska, who added their coca-cola onions to the mix, served on reindeer dogs and game sausages rather than standard dogs.

They've both been at it for 10-15 years, Biker Jim famously serving one to Bourdain on No Reservations a few years ago. Anyway don't take it from me, go check out the article,
probably the most exhaustive history of this newer regional hot dog style to date.

Seattle Weekly: The Seattle Dog - An Oral History

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Michigans Illo for Adirondack Life Magazine

For Adirondack Life Magazine, illustration for an article about "Michigans", a peculiar hot dog found in the North Country and Adirondack region of New York State. Great, thorough article on the subject that you can check out at Also, T-Shirts!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Space 1026 Show Photos

Massive thanks to everyone who came out to the show even though it was 110 degrees & especially Kris Chau and everyone at Space 1026.

There's a ton of photos on flickr if you want to see more. 

There's also a handful of 30"x20"-ish screenprints (thanks Awesome Dudes Printing) of this South Philly Times Square piece left, $40 plus shipping if you're outside of Philadelphia, email me if you're interested.... Show is up 'til July 28th at 1026 Arch St!