Monday, September 10, 2012

Pizza Brain Update

YES, Pizza Brain, the Worlds First Pizza Museum and Restaurant is open for business. And NO, the Pizzalebrity Wall Of Fame Mural I'm working on in the backyard - featuring something like 150 famous / infamous / not really famous at all Philadelphians devouring pizza together - is not finished, but if the backyard is open you can come check it out in progress, or just go there to check out the amazing museum and pizza.

This massive mural, including everyone from Cosby and Ben Franklin to the Broad Street Bullies, Mikey Wild and most of the Pizza Brain family - probably the biggest project I have ever (attempted) to do in my life - should be done in about two weeks. If you want to follow the progress check out pizza brain and myself on twitter or better yet instragram where there's tons of progress shots from the last few months.

Pizza Brain
2312 Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA

1 comment:

  1. Jeez Guy. looks like a massive task. ha ha. Good luck.