Monday, October 15, 2012


It's that time again.. cleaning out my studio and selling off piles of artwork old and new for CHEAP. I've got leftover stuff from my 1026 Show, plenty of hot dog and food paintings... ancient Philadelphia Weekly Steven Wells illos, etc etc etc. Get it now while the getting's good. If you want a bunch of stuff email me (hawkkrall @ gmail dot com) about discounts on shipping or whatever. 

Check out everything that's up for sale at or scroll down to see some featured items-

Martin Starr as Roman from Party Down, aka the last TV show I actually laughed at. There's also one of Ron Donald, the manager who's dream was opening a "Soup or Crackers" franchise. 30 bucks. 

Wild "frankenburger" illustration I did for a "best burgers" article in Cincinnati Magazine a while back. $225

One of several from Steven Wells' On The Radar column I have available. This one was something about Americans secretly wanting to be spanked and berated by their British superiors aka Gordon Ramsay. I illustrated Wells' Philadelphia Weekly column for years so I have tons more if there's any Swells historians out there. Most under $100.

Dolph Lungren as the Punisher from the terribly awesome 1989 movie, for Shepard Fairey's Swindle Magazine. This was in the now super rare (50 bucks on ebay!) Issue #8 with Banksy stuff on the cover. 100 bucks.

Ultra obscure hawk krall hot dog art, for a Brazilian "internationally themed" hot dog restaurant that never got off the ground. $150.

From the same Brazilian hot dog job. $50

Darryl from Storage Wars! Marked down to $125 along with similar portraits of Jarrod & Dave Hester.

Punk rock ice cream! For Seattle Stranger. $39.

And TONS more. Check them out here:

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