Thursday, July 22, 2010

Burger Heaven

Check out this crazy exploded burger illustration for Cincinnati Magazine's "40 Best Burgers" Issue. The original painting is so big it hung off the sides of my drawing table. Seriously one of the coolest freelance jobs I've done.

Also- Cincinnati's best Veggie Burger. Honestly I had no idea Cincinnati had such an awesome food scene outside of 4-way chili. Places like Senate that do wild burgers along with korean kimchi & shortrib hot dogs and even a croque madame with ham and hot dog on brioche drowned in bechamel sauce and a fried egg. Wow.

New Dirty Dish

New 2-page Dirty Dish comic. More crazy kitchen antics! I think it's going to be published in Grimalkin Press's HIVE #5 and Pat Aulisio's PACC Anthology, debuting at the 2nd Annual Philadelphia Alternative Comic Con. I won't be there this year but you should go and check out all the awesome Philly comics people that will!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

VendrTV Wallet

VendrTV Wallets are finally available! VendrTV is a terrific site all about street food with short videos profiling carts and trucks all over the country. Dan Delaney who runs the site asked me to illustrate their first promotional item and they turned out awesome.

Made by Tinymeat in Portland, these wallets are 25 bucks each and get you discounts at food trucks all over the country. I think they are only making a few hundred and they seem to be going fast. More information at VendrTV.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nutter and Rocky

Here's a nugget from a job about Philadelphia local & seasonal food that was never published. Rocky shopping for organic produce and Mayor Nutter chowing down on a grass-fed burger from South Philadelphia Tap Room.

It's always a bummer when stuff gets the axe and maybe they thought the portrait of Mayor Nutter was too "cartoony" or "caricature-ish" but I think Nutter is great and would love to see him chowing down on some hamburgers.