Friday, February 24, 2012

The Burger Map in Brazil - Fried Onion Burger

I recently finished a series of five paintings for The Burger Map, a restaurant and bar in Sao Paolo, Brazil that specializes in American regional hamburgers. They have prints of the artwork hanging in the restaurant and t-shirts are in the works as well.

Instead of trying to jam in all into one giant post I'm going to do maybe one a week showing process shots of the artwork as well as some background on the burger styles and photos of both the original and Burger Map's version. Enjoy!

First up is El Reno, Oklahoma's Fried Onion Burger. The burgers are smashed onto a well seasoned flat grill into a big pile of carmelized onions. The big two spots are Johnnie's Grill (pictured above) and Sid's. There's even an annual El Reno Fried Onion Burger festival.

Massive pile of fried onion sketch. One of my favorites to draw and I still haven't eaten one of these things, in Brazil or Oklahoma, or even Sketch Burger in Philly that has something pretty close.


Here's Burger Map's version, photo taken in the kitchen that I used for reference.


Bunch of progress shots. The original is actually hanging up in Hot Diggity right now.

Another shot of Burger Map's Fried Onion burger, this one with cheese and from Aline F on foodspotting.

The Burger Map
Rua das Aroeiras, 442 – Bairro Jardim.
Sto AndrĂ© – SP – CEP 09090-000
Tel. (11) 2534-0747

The Burger Map on facebook

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

PW Food & Drink Cover

Cover for Philadelphia Weekly's "Soul Food" themed food & drink issue. Awesome to work with them again & got me thinking about all the amazing soul food spots and street BBQ tents in west philly I've never tried.

Here's my original layout, they changed the background color and skewed it a little bit. Looks good especially in the PW honor box with some graffiti stickers and probably a half eaten box of fried chicken on top somewhere. Sketches and progress shots below. 

 Looking at pictures of jerk chicken and cornbread all weekend I couldn't take it anymore and headed over to Gigi & Big R a few hours after sending the final version of the cover. Delicious.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Banana Dog

Custom job for Taylor from Mac & Cheese whose father claims to have "invented" the Banana Dog. This was a Christmas present for him and now proudly hanging in the family kitchen next to a painting of a Pimento Cheeseburger. They live near Sandy's Hot Dogs in South Carolina, one of the best hot dogs I've ever had in the South. 

Taylor was also awesome enough to drop off some delicious homemade pimento cheese which I promptly put on a hot dog with some Texas Pete - the official hot dog hot sauce of the South - and washed it down with a bottle of Cheerwine that I had in the fridge. 

Also a giant jar of Duke's Mayonnaise which if you don't know (I didn't) is the best mayo in the world and one of the secrets to delicious southern slaw, pimento cheese, and / or bologna sandwiches. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Deli Dog

Just finished this the other night for my show at Hot Diggity. Homage to the little known Philadelphia Deli Dog - a.k.a. Kosher Tommy. According to my mother this was common in the 1950's at Philadelphia Jewish delis as a kosher alternative to the popular texas tommy (hot dog wrapped in bacon, usually with cheese).

A Kosher Tommy usually consists of an all-beef dog wrapped with beef bologna or salami, variations including pastrami or some with cheese (I guess for the non-kosher??).

A while back I scoured Philadelphia area delis looking for these things and man some of them were sort of awful. Knockwurst and thick layers of greasy, dried out grilled salami under a mountain of congealing provolone cheese on a stale hoagie roll?!?!

 My favorite was this fairly simple Sizzle from Zeke's, a semi hidden diner-deli around 5th and Spruce, and the inspiration for the painting. 

Anyway you can check it out this month at Hot Diggity (630 South Street) along with a bunch of my work that's hanging in the shop. No word on whether or not they are going to run it as a special but this month's Detroit Coney dog is really really good.