Friday, May 6, 2011

Fake Ads for Mutant #2

Did a whole bunch of these ridiculous fake ads for Mutant Comics #2, Atomic Books' freebie they put together every year for free comic book day (tomorrow). You can get one at the store or by placing an order online. As always a great lineup of cartoonists.

Atomic Books: Mutant! #2

So many cartoonists have done hilarious & awesome fake ads in the back of their books over the years. Somebody needs to do a whole book on this. Anyway these were a blast to draw I could do about 100 of them, if I ever put out a comic book again I'll probably do a whole mess of them.

Thanks to my prized 1943 Johnson Smith Catalog there was endless inspiration. The only problem is after you spend 10 minutes with this book you realize there is no way you can write or draw anything funnier or stranger than the crazy shit that people were really buying in 1943.