Wednesday, December 30, 2009

sweet trades & good stuff of 2009

In the last year I've acquired a pretty awesome collection of art, prints, and zines from trading with like minded folks. There's really nothing better than finding out that people whose work you love actually like your crap as well. Think of this as my "best of" or "exactly what I would publish in a giant art & comics anthology if I could afford to" and a shout out to all the awesome people who have sent me stuff this year.

Blammo #5 - Noah Van Sciver
Noah's comics are freakin' hilarious. If you like Crumb, Bagge, Joe Matt, Harvey Pekar, etc... and are wondering what the hell happened to people that wrote comics like that look no further. Buy everything he's published so far and check out his interview strips on the Comics Journal website and Westword.

David Johansen - Garrett Morlan
Garrett is a friend from art school who recently moved to Seattle and hooked me up with some great photos & research for my Seattle hot dog article on Serious Eats. Sent him a hot dog giclee and got this terrific New York Dolls print in return. Garrett's been doing some killer portraits lately, check out his work at

Serving Suggestion - Hugo
Traded an old Screw cover original for this one. Hugo's work is totally over the top and incredible. Lots of lucious giant jiggling asses and Basil Wolverton-esque monster faced old dudes. The insane details in this original are mind boggling. You can see his work in Typhon and Cinema Sewer (link NSFW) or check out his site

Cool Heart - Kris Chau
Chau puts together these zines every so often made up of the zillions of ink drawings that wallpaper her studio. Her work is awesome and you should buy all of it all the time so she can quit her job and write more posts for the food blog.

St Louis Style - Dan Zettwoch
Zettwoch's comics and illustration absolutely blow me away, and drives me nuts because it's so hard to find his stuff, so I was super psyched that he was into trading me one of these St Louis food prints for a hot dog print. If you don't know his work you should.. check out his blog, zettwoch's suitcase or pick up some of his mini comics from the USS catastrophe shop.

Bambi - Kaitlin Mosley
Kaitlin works at Silicon Fine Arts and makes my hot dog prints look better than the originals. She's also a fantastic photographer and we traded for some prints that give my walls a break from cheesesteak signs and mexican sleaze comics. Check out her work on Flickr.

Slurricane - Will Laren
You might remember Will's drawings in Philadelphia Weekly a few years back.. he recently sent me this zine that gives me an awesome Deep thoughts By Jack Handy meets Raymond Pettibon feeling. You can pick up Slurricane as well as other stuff including T-shirts via paypal..Be sure to check out his work on Flickr.

Backwards Folding Mirror - Jesse Moynihan
Beautifully drawn comics with some mesmerizing sci-fi prog-rock action going on, and a sincere story and sense of humor underneath it all. Jesse's work is really unique and I'm surprised that he isn't being published in giant volumes and rolling in money. Pick up his books or check out full color comics on his website and

Dude Man Yo - Pat Aulisio
Pat is the founder of the Philly Alt Comic Con where we traded some comics and I especially love this screen printed 4 pager. He's cranking out some awesome work and starting up a distro where you can purchase his comics as well as stuff from a bunch of other local underground type cartoonists. Go to for more.

Animal Husbandry - Rob Sato
Rob's been blowing up this year with Juxtapoz and crazy gallery shows and also this tiny 3" square mini comic. In a world of folks cranking out vector illustration Rob is doing these giant lush Hieronymus Bosch-esque paintings that are blowing everyone away. More at

Cut & Paste - Tim Gough
Super amazing hand printed zines. Tim just quit his job to be a full time illustrator, so go over to his site and buy lots of prints and t-shirts so he can afford to feed his dog. Cut & Paste is available here and be sure not to miss his brand new website with loads of new work.

Matty Runks
Tattoo artist at Kadillac in Manayunk PA, Matty also does some nice old school artwork both for people's bodies and gallery shows. Currently hiking across Australia and Thailand tattooing monkeys with former members of AC-DC or something, no website but check out this profile jawn from Philadelphia Weekly a few years ago- PW: Under The Gun

Sausage Hand
This dude came out of nowhere with some crazy comics of people with sausage fingers pooping and cutting eachother with chainsaws. Drawing style sort of looks like early Crumb sketchbook style.. I think he's still in art school, we'll hopefully see more and more of this stuff in the near future.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Frank Reynolds

Portrait of Frank (Danny Devito) from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, done for a christmas present. Note the pocket sausages from a recent episode. I literally fall on the floor laughing every time I watch this show.

Some portraits I get a spot-on likeness in 30 seconds with the first drawing. I thought Frank/Devito would be a piece of cake but it took me at least 25 sketches and 10 layers of tracing paper to get his face right. Kind of like when you lose your keys or something, annoying but so satisfying when you finally find it.

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Chicken Show in Baltimore

Baltimore Citypaper art director Joe Macleod asked me to contribute something to this chicken-themed holiday art show. I'm not sure exactly what it's all about, but it looks amazing (scroll down & check out the video from last year). So I painted up some chicken art this weekend that made me want to go to Popeye's and get a bucket.

Thursday, December 3rd

Featuring ACTION PAT, The Poultry Pickin', Chicken Clickin'
Drumstick Lickin', Baaaaadest Frickin' DJ
in Baltimore to help you shake a tail feather!

WORKS OF CHICKEN ART from Okan Arabacioglu, Emily C-D
Larnell Custis Butler, Ben Claassen III, Donald Ely
Mel Guapo, Frank Hamilton, Jess Harvell, Sam Holden
Gary Kachadourian, Daniel Krall, Hawk Krall, Heather Rounds
Deanna Staffo, Jefferson Jackson Steele, Strobophoto

2549 N. Howard St. Baltimore, MD

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hive #3 available now

Hive #3, "a somewhat quarterly comics journal" is available now from Jordan Shively & Grimalkin Press. I've got 6 pages in there.

Hive has got a growing list of fantastic contributors, and has turned me on to awesome work from Malachia Ward and Eamon Espey among others.. Definitely worth picking up!

Grab one Here.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hotdog Polser!

Latest Hot Dog Of The Week. Thanks to Tim and Chau for going to Denmark & doing the research. I really want to eat one of these.

Full write up on Serious Eats.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Radiohead 2012 Vegas Apocalypse

Radiohead playing the strip, Vegas getting an NFL team, and cops not shooting everyone.. all signs of human civilization coming to an end according to Las Vegas Weekly.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mountain Man

Commissioned piece, pretty happy with how it turned out.
Sometimes it's nice to take a break from drawing hot dogs and drunk people.

Hot Dog Prints!

Hot off the presses, two more hot dog giclee prints!
The classic Chicago dog and the Seattle cream cheese hot dog.

Pick one up on my website.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

USA Drinking Team

A bunch of dudes in Seattle broke the Guinness Record for bar hopping- 101 bars in 24 hours. For Seattle Metropolitan Magazine.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Guns & Hoses

Some whack-job wants Portland's water supply to be protected against terrorists by armed guards. Quick spot for Willamette Week.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chicago Dogs

Latest hot dog piece. Tried to evoke a little bit of the feel of old school Chicago hot dog lettering. Check out the full post on Serious Eats.

One of the best things about chicago hot dog culture is all the different lettering & signage on the stands. A lot of the older ones are hand painted. Go have some fun on Flickr if you want to see more.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Comics for Hive #3

Just finished a short 2 page "Summer of 7-11" comic for Hive #3.

The store where I worked seemed to carry every obscure brand of cigarette you could imagine. Working graveyard shift there wasn't much to do but check them out and keep logs of what kind of cigarettes people bought. This story plus 4 more pages will be in Hive #3, due out in early November.

Hive is a "somewhat quarterly comics journal" from Grimalkin Press with some really nice letterpress covers and a great line up of cartoonists.

More info-

Monday, October 12, 2009

Detroit Coney

Latest Hot Dog Of The Week.
Detroit and Michigan serve their hot dogs blanketed in heaping mounds of Greek chili made with beef hearts and kidneys .

In case you're confused, Detroit Coney dogs have little to do with Coney Island in Brooklyn. Greek immigrants who stopped at Coney Island in NY on their way to Michigan opened up diners called "Coney Islands" and called their chili and mustard covered dogs "Coneys".

I didn't even realize when I was painting this last week, but apparently they filmed a scene from Whip It - Drew Barrymore's new Roller Derby movie - at Lafayette Coney Island, one of the oldest & most well known of Detroit's Coney spots.

New hot dog prints!

4 Brand new hot dog prints! These are 11x14 giclee prints on acid free archival paper. Printed by Silicon Gallery Fine Arts in Philadelphia.

Originally for the Hot Dog Of The Week series on Available on my website - 27 bucks a pop plus s&h.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dr. Know

Cover and a bunch of spots for the latest issue of Willamette Week.
Dr Know
is a new column all about the various mysteries of Portland- testicle shaped public art, skinny jeans hipsters, benson bubblers and more.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Charlie's Pool Room

Latest Hot Dog Of The Week on Serious Eats.

Check out the above link for my full review. Great hot dogs and an amazing place, more photos here.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

WPRB T-shirt

Psyched to design this shirt for WPRB's 2009 membership drive. I've been listening to WPRB since I was in high school.. first place I heard everything from the Modern Lovers to the Gorilla Biscuits. And John Solomon's 24 hour Christmas show is pretty much my favorite thing about the holidays other than A Christmas Story and my mom's pumpkin pie.

This year they've got a killer collection of premiums aside from my shirt there's shirts, hoodies, stickers and messenger bags designed by Greg Pizzoli, Jen Cooke, Mathieu Trudel, Sohrab Habibon, and Ana Benaroya.

The 2009 membership drive kicks off October 7th with a live on-air performance from the Obits.. so tune in, give them your support, and get some great stuff!

Prize Comics #2

Available Now! Contains a bunch of recent comics - including Summer Of 7-11 - originally published in Typhon - and a brand new, four page Summer of 7-11 Part 2.

Also Living In Filth, Dirty Dish (including brand new strips) and some great contributions from Kris Chau, Benn Ray, Eric Clarke, Ryohei Tanaka, and Gene Krall. All yours for $6 plus $1 for shipping. Grab a copy today!!