Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mutant #1

For free comic book day (May 1st) I contributed a short comic about being a grumpy old man to Atomic Books' Mutant #1, a pack of mini-comics that you can pick up for free at the store in Baltimore and (I think) with any order from their website for a limited amount of time.

Feels good to get back into the comics again. It's definitely "comics season" ... I have a bunch of stuff in the works for Hive and Grimalkin Press' upcoming Food Service anthology, which will be amazing.

Since it's Atomic Books all the contributors are fantastic, and you should definitely check it out. Also, It's got an awesome drawing (not mine) of Snooki on the cover.

Atomic Books - Free Comic Book Day

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Gardening Cover for the Alibi

The Weekly Alibi out of Albequerque asked me to do a cover for their gardening issue with the theme being along the lines of a "Black Thumb" involving the Grim Reaper.

Originally I had all the foliage black and dying which was really depressing especially after I had so much fun looking up New Mexico gardens and drawing pretty flowers.

Friday, April 2, 2010

New Print!

Maine's RED SNAPPER giclee print now available due to popular demand. If you've ever seen them they are seriously neon bright red. Natural casings and super delicious.

Also got a nice mention from about my prints.. never thought my work would make it onto a website for the pastel green Martha Stewart crowd, though if you didn't know Martha is a HUGE fan of hot dogs, so maybe not such a stretch.

• Hot Dog Of The Week - Red Snapper on Serious Eats
• Buy Hot Dog Prints Here!

Snooki Munny - Vinylmore III

For Atomic Books' 3rd Vinyl toy show, opening Friday, April 2nd in Baltimore.

A bit disappointed not to get a 100% likeness.. thought she'd be easy to draw but her face is really hard to get down, she always ends up looking sort of Asian or Indian. Even tougher on a tiny 2 inch plastic head. This was my first time going 3-D and adding sculpey to one of these things (for the "bump") and thought it worked out pretty well.

Also discovered the joy of 59 cent acrylics from AC Moore. Some of the colors look great and some don't. And be careful if you mix them, sometimes yellow + blue = brown. Best to use them straight from the tube and just buy every color because they are SO cheap.

Wanna buy it?
The above Snooki Munny is now available for purchase from Atomic Books' website for 75 smackeroos.

Anyway, the show looks great this year.. don't miss this Ramen head Munny that I'm already betting is goint to win best of show. I think this year they are also going to be available for purchase online after the opening.

Vinylmore III
Friday, April 2, 2010
7:00pm - 10:00pm

Atomic Books
3620 Falls Road
Baltimore, MD