Friday, May 31, 2013

Bay Guardian Cover

Fun & quick one for a new client.. Memorial Day weekend cover for San Francisco's Bay Guardian, about San Francisco's coming population explosion.

I got a little carried away with the "painted ladies" in the first sketch, especially with my instinct being to always jam as much detail into everything as possible. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ultimate Frisbee isn't just for hippies anymore...

Quick one for Willamette Week on the Portland / Seattle Ultimate Frisbee rivalry and the future of the sport... read more at

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dead Illustrations: Cliff Lee

Illo for a sports blog that was never published, from a few years ago. Cliff Lee who was briefly with the Phillies before being traded or whatever (this is possibly why this was never used?)

Anyway if you know me you know that I don't really follow sports other than the wing bowl.. but have found myself really into drawing them. Logos, shitty fans, crazy facial hair, cheese fries, tattoos.. plenty of good stuff to draw.

The sports portion of the Pizza Brain mural was particularly awesome to draw.. lots of Sixers, mascots, Lenny Dysktra and Bobby Clarke.

Reading Terminal shirt for Wear Liberty

Recently finished up this design for Wear Liberty, featuring some foods of the Reading Terminal Market .... touristy and "modernizing" or not, has always been one of my favorite places in Philadelphia. 

You can catch Wear Liberty's Matt Eyer setting up at pretty much every street and art festival around town, or check out the shirts at

Monday, May 6, 2013

Cherry Bomb Farmhouse Ale

Last minute entry to Masthead Print Studio's awesome Shelf Life exhibit that matched up 20 different artists with 20 different homebrewers. 

I was teamed up with photographer Sean Stone whose first few bottles of sour cherry saison exploded in his fridge hence the name "cherry bomb" and firework-label esque design.

Also lots of thanks to Mr Gough (who also did a really nice label for the show) for much needed screenprinting assistance. I believe the show is up through most of May. 

4th & Brown 
Northern Liberties, Philadelphia

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Deluxe Dog Stand - BLT Dog

Hot Dog time! New painting for Deluxe Dog Stand in Denver, Colorado. 

Check them out at

Green Dystopia for Next City

Latest for Next City. Article about Philadelphia's image as a "green" city versus massive new opportunities for those oil refineries that make every trip to & from the airport look like Blade Runner. Click below for more detail. 

It's definitely a challenge not to interject humor into everything (especially with amazing photos of oil-worker activists plastered in borderline-tea party paraphernalia, and my brain goes right back to Steven Wells mode) but also a great opportunity to do something different and you know, get something in my portfolio other than mayonnaise slathered hot dogs and mouth-breathing mutants. 

It also helps that I'm fascinated by urban environments, and how they change and morph, even though i'm usually on the opposite side of these articles, preserving & romanticizing the past, but hey I can usually sneak in an old-school bakery or luncheonette next to the vegan laundry and reclaimed wood restaurant. Look out for some more work for Next City this month.