Monday, October 15, 2012

Charlie's Pool Room T-Shirts

Super super limited edition. John (pictured) emailed me about a year ago that him and his wife and some buddies were driving from Virginia to New Jersey to visit the legendary Charlie's Pool Room and wanted to make some shirts for the trip. 

These are not for sale anywhere, although I do believe there is one at Charlie's among their permanent collection of memorabilia and press clippings.

They ran off a total of 6 shirts using cafepress and my artwork which was originally done for Serious Eats ( also available as a print in my store) and I'm surprised how good they look. Thanks to John G Douglas for sending the photos.

Charlie's Pool Room is one of the most unique hot dog places in the country.. think combination candy store, pool room, and outsider art shrine, with hot dogs. Delicious, delicious hot dogs, shallow fried in a pan and topped with Grandma Fencz's secret hungarian sauce. 

Original art / Serious Eats post: Hot Dog Of The Week - Charlie's Pool Room
More of my photos from Charlie's on Flickr
Buy prints at

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