Friday, July 31, 2009

More Hot Dogs

More hot dog illustrations for Serious Eats.

The Texas Weiner started in New Jersey and was created by Greeks but called "Texas" as a marketing gimmick. It's a dog with beanless chili (aka greek sauce) and raw onions. I was lucky enough to hit up a Texas Weiner place last week in Central PA.

The Puka Dog is a relatively new Hawaiian style hot dog that involves jamming a polish sausage into a mini bread loaf that has a hole in it, and filling it with all kinds of sweet coconut habenero action.

These are gouache on printmaking paper and are definitely for sale.
Prints coming soon!

Sweat It

For Time Out New York. Small spot about NYC exercise classes that are heavy on the sweating.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Portland Highland Games

I love that I get a lot of jobs about octoberfest, renaissance faires, and now scottish highland games. I'm just waiting for my first LARP assignment to come along.

I had no idea what a Ned was until doing this either. Pretty much the scottish equivelent of a soccer hooligan mixed with thuggish white trash.

For Willamette Week.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Steven Wells 1960-2009

I had the good fortune to illustrate Steven's on the radar column in Philadelphia Weekly for almost three years, and was honored to do this cover. His writing was furious, hilarious and always a blast to draw. It also helped that I agreed with him about 99% of the time. He will be missed.

Read more about Steven's life here:

Philadelphia Weekly: Steven Wells 1960-2009

Wikipedia: Steven Wells

Flo's Hot Dogs

Latest Installment of my hot dog of the week series for Serious Eats.

This week it's Flo's Hot Dogs on Route 1 in Maine, pretty much the best hot dog of all time.

Check out some shots of the painting in progress on my flickr page, and Look here if you're interested in picking up the original. I'll probably have prints made of these eventually too.