Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dr. Know

Cover and a bunch of spots for the latest issue of Willamette Week.
Dr Know
is a new column all about the various mysteries of Portland- testicle shaped public art, skinny jeans hipsters, benson bubblers and more.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Charlie's Pool Room

Latest Hot Dog Of The Week on Serious Eats.

Check out the above link for my full review. Great hot dogs and an amazing place, more photos here.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

WPRB T-shirt

Psyched to design this shirt for WPRB's 2009 membership drive. I've been listening to WPRB since I was in high school.. first place I heard everything from the Modern Lovers to the Gorilla Biscuits. And John Solomon's 24 hour Christmas show is pretty much my favorite thing about the holidays other than A Christmas Story and my mom's pumpkin pie.

This year they've got a killer collection of premiums aside from my shirt there's shirts, hoodies, stickers and messenger bags designed by Greg Pizzoli, Jen Cooke, Mathieu Trudel, Sohrab Habibon, and Ana Benaroya.

The 2009 membership drive kicks off October 7th with a live on-air performance from the Obits.. so tune in, give them your support, and get some great stuff!

Prize Comics #2

Available Now! Contains a bunch of recent comics - including Summer Of 7-11 - originally published in Typhon - and a brand new, four page Summer of 7-11 Part 2.

Also Living In Filth, Dirty Dish (including brand new strips) and some great contributions from Kris Chau, Benn Ray, Eric Clarke, Ryohei Tanaka, and Gene Krall. All yours for $6 plus $1 for shipping. Grab a copy today!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Philly Alternative Comic Con

So I'll be at the First Annual Philly Alternative Comic-Con this Sunday! I might even have copies of the brand-new Prize Comics #2, collecting pretty much all the comics I've done in the last 3 years. (working on the final pages as we speak, I'll be stapling Saturday Night at 4am...)

There's going to be a bunch of awesome people there, including Charles Burns, Hans Rickheit, Jesse Moynihan, Space 1026 and the Philly Comix Jam folks, including Pat Aulisio who set the whole thing up. Hopefully the first of many years of Philly comics domination.

Philly Alternative Comic Con
Sunday September 13th Noon-6pm
941 Theater - 941 Front Street
$5 - $3w/costume

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Best Of Houston

Bunch of spots for Houston Press "best of" article-

Scarface - the rapper not the movie. I couldn't find any detailed reference for the tattoo on his lower right arm. Unfortunately a image search for "scarface tattoo" just brings up the myspace page of a bunch of dudes who deliver pizza in a Camaro.

Homopolice - never heard of these guys before this job.. pretty much Turbonegro meets Clockcleaner, lots of noise and blood. Check out this photo gallery on the Houston Press site.

The Tall Texan - an awesome cowboy style dive bar where you can get a giant goblet of Lone Star for $1.50.

Stipper Buffet - The Men's Club wins best strip club, not for the food but the all you can eat buffet that serves up everything from prime rib to jambalaya.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Blue Iguana Baseball

Super last minute illustration for Willamette Week.

Here's the deal... a Latino nightclub outside of Portland called The Blue Iguana - don't miss their myspace page for shots of the thong contest - is in danger of being torn down to make way for a new Minor League baseball stadium in Beaverton.

Dog Fight

Illustration for NY Press about.. you guessed it.. Hot Dogs!
For a fiction piece about a turf war between two NYC hot dog vendors.

Depression Dog & Inquirer article

Latest Hot Dog Of The Week for Serious Eats.

Also don't miss this recent article in the Philadelphia Inquirer about my hot dog illustrations! Written by Rick Nichols, who has been combing the Philadelphia area for forgotten culinary treasures for years.