Monday, August 26, 2013

Hot Diggity Baja Jake Dog

Quick wood painting for a Hot Diggity Kickstarter supporter. 

Also was their "dog of the month" a while back and has been featured on the HD2 cart. Nice one with jicama, salsa verde, tortilla strips and queso fresco. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

1732 Meats Smoked Paprika Bacon

Latest label for 1732 Meats complete with a crazy paprika smoking diagram. Pimenton De La Vera is actually a DOP protected product - grown, dried, smoked and ground in the mountains of Spain's LA Vera region.  Check out this video below (that I used for reference) for an in depth-look into the process.

Along with Green Aisle, 1732 Meats Bacon is also now available at the Fair Foods Farmstand in the Reading Terminal Market. Next up? Pancetta. 

Elixr Coffee / Little Baby's Ice Cream Affogato Day

Recently finished this poster for Little Baby's Ice Cream "Affogato Day" at Elixr Coffee in center city. What is Affogato? Delicious ice cream topped with delicious espresso and sometimes other stuff.

Thanks a bunch to Ryan Greenberg of Elixr for the gig! They have awesome murals by Jim Houser and Courtney Brown on display right now too.