Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Storage Wars Portraits - Dave Hester and Mark Balelo

New episodes tonight.. Looks like some serious Dave Hester moments including Dave rolling up with a giant brand new truck with "YUUUP!" along the side in 8 foot tall letters. This is why I love this show.

So here's some attempts at drawing Hester who if you don't know now has a full line of YUUUP products available on his website, check out the "gift pack" which includes a magnet of Dave's face and an "easy button" (like the Staples thing) that says "YUUUUUUUP" when you press it.

Also my favorite random not-really-a-character Mark Bolelo who was in maybe 3 episodes, carried a purse, looked like a 1980's drug lord, and thought an old Nintendo was worth $13,000. I was sort of hoping he would become a permanent character in the second season but nothing so far. Apparently he was also somehow involved in Nicholas Cage's stolen Action Comics #1 that was found in a Californiua storage locker.

Learn more about these dudes and get yourself some new furniture and/or storage locker themed clothing at davehesterauctions.com and balelo.com.

Also if you missed them I also drew Barry and Dan Dotson a couple weeks ago:
Hawk Krall: Storage Wars Portraits

Monday, November 28, 2011

Space 1026 Art Auction

You can win this set of FIVE mini hot dog prints (8"x10.5") at Space 1026's Annual Art Auction on December 9th, along with TONS of other cool stuff from amazing artists. Thanks to Kris Chau for making it happen!

Space 1026 Art Auction
Friday December 9th
1026 Arch St. Philadelphia PA

Friday, November 18, 2011

Mike & Patty's

Poster for Mike & Patty's I finished a while back. Mike & Patty's is an awesome sandwich shop in Boston that I REALLY want to go to. Really delicious looking sandwiches aling with a bunch of different hot dogs and lots of specials. Reminds me a lot of Fricano's in Austin and honestly the sort of place I would want to open if I ever did something like that.

Check out their website or reviews on Serious Eats (not mine). They're also profiled in the new Serious Eats book.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Storage Wars Portraits

So yeah, Storage Wars is pretty much my favorite TV show of all time. It's pretty real and unlike most of this stuff seems unscripted. Most of these dudes knew each other before the cameras ever started rolling and the only thing that's changed is that they all now fight with each other on twitter and have Storage Wars - related clothing lines for people that like motorcycles, palm trees, gambling and wearing sunglasses anywhere but on your face.

Anyway the new season starts today and instead of blowing my savings on a storage locker in Jersey City I've been working on some portraits of people from the show. First up is auctioneer Don Dotson (check out americanauctioneers.com and follow @auctionguydan on the twitter)

Next up is Barry Weiss who might be my favorite - and probably the best likeness I've gotten so far- who always shows up in some sort of customized hot rod and throws out 99% of the stuff he wins. But then every so often finds stuff so amazing (like hand painted 1930's carnival sideshow banners) that it's hard to believe the show isn't rigged. Check out Barry's twitter (@barrycollector) although I'm not sure it's really him.

And then his buddy "Boston Joe" (or Bro Joe?) who showed up for a couple episodes and looked like a cross between Rob Halford and Batman. Random characters are another bonus here, like Dave Hester's brother who showed up out the blue to screw Dave on an auction and then you never see him again.

Don't worry I'm also working on Dave, Darrel, Brandy & Jerrod.. and whatever new characters pop up this season.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Khyber Shirts Are Coming

Hot off the presses of Awesome Dudes Printing (no reason to use anyone else for screenprinting in Philadelphia) are these shirts for Khyber Pass Pub - an awesome bar in Philly that used to be the place to see rockabilly stripper girls doing coke in the bathroom and is now the best place in Philadelphia to eat a Po-Boy made with Leidenheimer bread shipped from New Orleans.

Should be available for purchase at the Khyber real soon.