Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Burger Map - Blue Ring Burger

Next up in the Burger Map project - a series of 5 paintings for an American style burger bar in Sao Paolo Brazil - is the Blue Ring Burger.

This one is based on the Western Blue Ring Burger from Gott's Roadside (originally known as Taylor's Automatic Refresher from 1949 - 2010) in San Francisco and Napa Valley.

Here's a shot of the original original Blue Ring Burger -on the left- from Taylor's. (Photo from Marshall Astor on Flickr)

And here's Burger Map's version and photo they sent me for reference. You can see more on foodspotting

A blast to draw, and again it's amazing and also sort of frustrating that these facsimiles of legendary regional American burgers exist in Brazil but not Philly or New York.

The Burger Map
Rua das Aroeiras, 442 – Bairro Jardim.
Sto AndrĂ© – SP – CEP 09090-000
Tel. (11) 2534-0747
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