Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cover for Willamette Week - Dr Know's Lies My Newspaper Told Me

A while back I did a WW cover introducing "Dr Know", a humorous weekly Q & A column that covers everything from Portland urban legends, chemtrails, and whether or not your light bulbs are destroying the planet. This week's cover story is all about how local food, hybrid cars, solar energy, and hands free cell phone laws are bullshit.

They actually used the cover from 2009 inside the issue, along with some blown-up type from the cover. Looks pretty awesome.

Also a bunch of spots. This one taken from the local foods segment. "If you really cared about the Earth, you'd spend your evenings alone and childless, sobbing quietly in a darkened room, like me."

Although it was fun to draw the logo of "Dave's Killer Bread" (in the background of the cover) - local Portland organic whole wheat breads with awesome illustrated packaging made by an ex meth dealer.

Also bullshit is home ownership. According to Dr Know, if you put your down payment into an Index Fund instead of buying a house, by 2042 you'd have "an extra $75,000 to blow on space-coke and replicant hookers." They didn't let me illustrate that one so instead you get Dr Know angrily fixing a toilet. 

Read the full article here-
Lies My Newspaper Told Me : Five Things You Are Wrong About

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