Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Burger Map - Texas Chili Burger

Next up in the Burger Map series (paintings for an American style burger joint in Brazil) the San Antonio Texas Chili Burger. Definitely one for the food historians - a Brazilian version of an American "Mexican" style hamburger that you're more likely to find at a texas-themed Greek luncheonette in Pennsylvania (sans tortilla chips) than anywhere in San Antonio (which has a terrific burger scene - but where "Chili Burger" usually means green chile, not meat sauce). Whew. Anyway. Looks delicious and lots of fun to draw.

Fancy reference photos of Burger Map's Chili Burger. Check out some shots on foodspotting too.

Progress shots.. below poster and T-shirt at the restaurant.. looks awesome!

The Burger Map
Rua das Aroeiras, 442 – Bairro Jardim.
Sto André – SP – CEP 09090-000
Tel. (11) 2534-0747
The Burger Map on facebook

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