Thursday, January 26, 2012

Storage Wars Portraits- Jarrod, Darrell and Original Art For Sale

More Storage Wars portraits! I've already done Barry and Don Dotson, Mark Bolelo and Dave Hester.. was hoping to have drawings of the whole cast in time for the season finale but just didn't make it.

Darrell Sheets was almost too easy with his awesome Guy Fieri meets beach bum style. In the running for being my favorite character, his website is pretty much the best thing on the internet where you can buy official "Darrell the Gambler" T-shirts and merchandise and even stuff he finds in lockers like an 1890's cast iron spear or a rare Surfaris LP with artwork by Rick Griffin.

I really wanted to wait until I had a good Brandi drawing before putting this up but just haven't gotten her face down yet. You'll have to wait for next season. Anyway Jarrod also has an awesome clothing line Outlaw Apparel featuring ladies with guns and an amazing handcuff logo.

And one more Dave Hester who everyone loves to hate and I hear might not be coming back to the show next season? Also Dave has posted all of my Storage Wars artwork on his facebook page which is amazing.

 Don't know what I'm going to until next season, maybe start drawing Victor and Moe from Storage Wars Texas? There's also got to be some way I can combine Storage Wars with hot dogs.. I bet these guys know every good hot dog stand and taco truck in Southern California..

Anyway all the originals of these are now available for sale on my website hurry up and grab them before Barry and Dave buy them all.

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  1. Ha,That's the wow factor! These are great man, After reading about this show here. I watched the first two seasons. Great viewing,thanks.