Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Storage Wars Portraits

So yeah, Storage Wars is pretty much my favorite TV show of all time. It's pretty real and unlike most of this stuff seems unscripted. Most of these dudes knew each other before the cameras ever started rolling and the only thing that's changed is that they all now fight with each other on twitter and have Storage Wars - related clothing lines for people that like motorcycles, palm trees, gambling and wearing sunglasses anywhere but on your face.

Anyway the new season starts today and instead of blowing my savings on a storage locker in Jersey City I've been working on some portraits of people from the show. First up is auctioneer Don Dotson (check out americanauctioneers.com and follow @auctionguydan on the twitter)

Next up is Barry Weiss who might be my favorite - and probably the best likeness I've gotten so far- who always shows up in some sort of customized hot rod and throws out 99% of the stuff he wins. But then every so often finds stuff so amazing (like hand painted 1930's carnival sideshow banners) that it's hard to believe the show isn't rigged. Check out Barry's twitter (@barrycollector) although I'm not sure it's really him.

And then his buddy "Boston Joe" (or Bro Joe?) who showed up for a couple episodes and looked like a cross between Rob Halford and Batman. Random characters are another bonus here, like Dave Hester's brother who showed up out the blue to screw Dave on an auction and then you never see him again.

Don't worry I'm also working on Dave, Darrel, Brandy & Jerrod.. and whatever new characters pop up this season.


  1. I'd love to see your interpretation a Laura, Dan's way-to-perky wife.

  2. Great job, those look nice!


  3. This is some really good art work.