Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Storage Wars Portraits - Dave Hester and Mark Balelo

New episodes tonight.. Looks like some serious Dave Hester moments including Dave rolling up with a giant brand new truck with "YUUUP!" along the side in 8 foot tall letters. This is why I love this show.

So here's some attempts at drawing Hester who if you don't know now has a full line of YUUUP products available on his website, check out the "gift pack" which includes a magnet of Dave's face and an "easy button" (like the Staples thing) that says "YUUUUUUUP" when you press it.

Also my favorite random not-really-a-character Mark Bolelo who was in maybe 3 episodes, carried a purse, looked like a 1980's drug lord, and thought an old Nintendo was worth $13,000. I was sort of hoping he would become a permanent character in the second season but nothing so far. Apparently he was also somehow involved in Nicholas Cage's stolen Action Comics #1 that was found in a Californiua storage locker.

Learn more about these dudes and get yourself some new furniture and/or storage locker themed clothing at davehesterauctions.com and balelo.com.

Also if you missed them I also drew Barry and Dan Dotson a couple weeks ago:
Hawk Krall: Storage Wars Portraits


  1. Just in case anyone is doubting the Awesomeness of Mark Balelo, this is from his actual facebook page:

    "Chasing the big units with pockets full of cash
    I go to Storage Auctions to collect the bigger stash

    My name is Mark Balelo and I am known to throw money around
    I find treasure hunting not only profitable but fun

    I am the Rico Suave type, they call me the locker blocker
    Going to all the auctions, call me an auction stalker

    I got the game locked down and a warehouse full of stuff
    You can't outbid me, you ain't bring enough

    With truckloads rolling in, I find diamonds in a rough
    Searching through all the garbage, I make so much dough

    I am a great salesman and a great auctioneer,
    I am the Storage Warrior Yeah, the one who they fear"

  2. my god this is wonderful. love love love

  3. "you ain't bring enough"

    Classic t-shirt material.


  4. Eddy Buena Suerte 13April 23, 2012 at 8:15 PM

    Cuando sale una caricatura de guerras de almacenes?