Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Art and Hot Dogs at Hobbs in Swathmore

Art and hot dogs! This friday at Hobbs Cafe in Swarthmore. I'll be showing a bunch of hot dog and food paintings from the archives - pretty much everything that hasn't been sold, or isn't already on the walls at Hot Diggity. 

Along with the art Hobbs is doing a special Hot Dog Menu featuring franks from Karl Ehmer and Kocher's in New Jersey - serious, serious hot dog dogs, considered the best in the country by the hot dog elite. Check out the menu below: 

Bill’s BBQ
-Pulled pork, canables bbq & corn salad

Karl Ehmer
-The original Ehmer Saitenwurst unadulterated

The Class Act
-Duck dog wrapped in spec with smoked tomato marmalade & pear mostarda

Japan Four
-on an okonomiyaki roll with kewpie mayo & Japanese BBQ sauce

-Wit’ extra sharp provolone, rabe and long hot relish on a Sarcones roll

Dirty South
-chili, jicama slaw and bacon

-Butterflied dog, tomato gravy, mustard butter, confit potatoes, cheese, and an egg

Chi City
- tomato, onion, double kosher pickle, sweet relish, pickled pepper, celery salt.

Friday, Feb 1st 6:30pm
1 park Ave, Swarthmore, PA

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