Monday, January 14, 2013

Fry Bread Taco Print Pre-Sale

Available Now! Limited edition Navajo Fry Bread Taco prints. These are gallery quality 11x14 giclees printed by the fine folks at Silicon Fine Art Prints here in Philadelphia. Pre-order today and pick up at next week's Shiprock Fry Bread Taco Pop-Up dinner for the discounted price of $25. Outside of Philly? The offer is also good this week ONLY, $31 including shipping. After that they'll go up to my normal price.

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What the hell is a Fry Bread Taco, you ask?? It's a roadside / street food popular in Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado found at state fairs, trailers on Navajo reservations, and sit down restaurants. Sort of an awesome fusion of Navajo, Mexican, and state fair Tex-Mex cuisine, rarely (if ever) found in this part of the country.

Every Navajo taco starts with a base of fried dough, most commonly topped with chili beans, shredded cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and fresh salsas. Many variations exist ranging from stewed mutton to vegetarian and dessert styles.

What the hell is Shiprock Pop-Up? It's a team effort between Marcos Espinoza (aka Fidel Gastro, founder of Side Project Jerky) whose family owns Navajo Hogan, a real-deal Fry Bread Taco place in Utah; Lucio Palazzo, chef of La Calaca Feliz, and Hawk Krall (me).

Lucio's Chicken Ropa Vieja
Marcos "Flapping" The Dough

The Pop-Up is next monday, January 21st, 9pm at 12 Steps Down in the 9th street market area. 3 different tacos plus a dessert fry bread will be available, First come first serve, no reservations or tickets just show up and eat 1 or 5 tacos. Along with the three of us Marcos's Mother will be in the kitchen making sure our tacos live up to the authentic Utah standard.

I'm sort of biased but I have to say these things are freaking delicious. The perfect mix of authentic and crazy desert drunk food - really exactly what we're going for rather than anything "re-imagined". The only thing you might call "elevated" are Lucio's mind blowingly delicious chili beans and braised meats. Pop-up goes until midnight or until we run out, whichever comes first.

Shiprock Pop-Up
Mon, Jan 21st 9pm - ?
12 Steps Down
831 Christian St (9th & Christian)

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