Saturday, December 3, 2011

NEW PRINTS!! Free magnets with every order & free shipping on sets of 4!

TONS of new hot dog (and burger) prints in my store, including some new & exciting stuff like the giant 24" tall burger print and a whole bunch of more affordable (16 bucks a pop), smaller 8" x 10" prints. These are all high quality giclee prints done by the fine folks at Silicon Gallery Fine Art Prints in Philadelphia. They seriously look almost better than the original paintings.

I'll be shipping FREE sets of five hot dog magnets (ten for big orders) with every order from now until they run out! I have a LOT, they probably won't run out. Selection will be random but if you let me know which you prefer, I'll send it if I have it.

Also for the month of December I'm offering FREE SHIPPING on orders for a set of 4 11 x 14 prints. ($100 even). You can also mix & match and do three 11 x 14 prints and two 8 x 10 prints (or 2 big ones and 4 small ones) for the same price. Order here:
Hawk Krall Prints

Skeeter's is an awesome general store / restaurant in Wytheville Virginia. Glass bottles of coke and famous chili slaw dogs. Also pretty decent pulled pork sandwich.

Ecuador has awesome hot dogs covered in crazy sauces. A set of four with the Torta Salchicha, Perro Caliente and Tijuana Dog prints would make an awesome "Latin American" collection.

Crazy 2 foot tall exploding burger Illustration I did for Cincinnati Magazine a couple years ago about the city's best burgers.

AWESOME Polish Boy / Barbecue spot in Cleveland.

One of the first paintings I did for hot dog of the week.. Flo's famous red shack on Route 1 in Maine.

Awesome mini-chain in South Carolina serving up beautiful all beef dogs topped with pimento cheese on "top split buns" that are all over the south (not just New England!).

Amazing German butcher shop / grocery n Portland that makes their own hot dogs and sausages, and serves them outside right off the grill.

Crazy variation on the Flint Coney which is already a variation of the Detroit Coney (or vice versa, if you're from Flint Michigan). Koegel's natural casing dog, chili, mustard and onions on a hard taco shell! The regular coneys are great too, and Angelo's is an amazing place.

Famous Lunch in Troy, NY serves up tiny hot dogs for something like 65 cents each. Buried under their famous "Zippy Sauce" and onions. Also terrific rice pudding.

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  1. love the pictures! sandy's is my parents' business; when I saw the pictures you did for all of the places, I immediately wanted to know who the artist was. so fun.