Thursday, September 3, 2009

Best Of Houston

Bunch of spots for Houston Press "best of" article-

Scarface - the rapper not the movie. I couldn't find any detailed reference for the tattoo on his lower right arm. Unfortunately a image search for "scarface tattoo" just brings up the myspace page of a bunch of dudes who deliver pizza in a Camaro.

Homopolice - never heard of these guys before this job.. pretty much Turbonegro meets Clockcleaner, lots of noise and blood. Check out this photo gallery on the Houston Press site.

The Tall Texan - an awesome cowboy style dive bar where you can get a giant goblet of Lone Star for $1.50.

Stipper Buffet - The Men's Club wins best strip club, not for the food but the all you can eat buffet that serves up everything from prime rib to jambalaya.


  1. The new work looks great. It looks like you've been really busy too. Leave it to Texas to have an awesome strip club buffet.

  2. Thanks! I've been lucky to get some great subject matter lately.!!