Tuesday, September 15, 2009

WPRB T-shirt

Psyched to design this shirt for WPRB's 2009 membership drive. I've been listening to WPRB since I was in high school.. first place I heard everything from the Modern Lovers to the Gorilla Biscuits. And John Solomon's 24 hour Christmas show is pretty much my favorite thing about the holidays other than A Christmas Story and my mom's pumpkin pie.

This year they've got a killer collection of premiums aside from my shirt there's shirts, hoodies, stickers and messenger bags designed by Greg Pizzoli, Jen Cooke, Mathieu Trudel, Sohrab Habibon, and Ana Benaroya.

The 2009 membership drive kicks off October 7th with a live on-air performance from the Obits.. so tune in, give them your support, and get some great stuff!


  1. Hey Hawk, just want to clarify something on your post: We never were funded by Princeton University. We've always been independent. Because we're a non-profit organization, we decided to shift towards a member-supported model a couple years ago. These days we rely on a combination of donations from the drive and commercial advertising to meet our annual operating budget.

    BTW, we love your design! So many great comments from listeners!

  2. Replies
    1. Love the drawing. You wouldn't happen to have any of these left lying around in sticker format?