Monday, October 12, 2009

New hot dog prints!

4 Brand new hot dog prints! These are 11x14 giclee prints on acid free archival paper. Printed by Silicon Gallery Fine Arts in Philadelphia.

Originally for the Hot Dog Of The Week series on Available on my website - 27 bucks a pop plus s&h.


  1. Man I have to get myself one of these prints. Do you ship overseas?

    sorry for this "spam" but check out my t-shirt graphic for a Gatsby( it's Cape Town's mega roll with fries and sausage, steak cheese beans pretty much anything you can think of on it) There's a huge tradition behind it here.

  2. Yeah just email me and I'll figure out postage.

    No worries about the spam since your work is SUPER AWESOME .. that "Gatsby" thing looks crazy....!