Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Vibe Magazine - 2013 News No One Cared About

Fun job for Vibe's 2014 "Race Issue" covering the past year in slightly bizarre urban entertainment news. First up is Keith Sweat's new dating site truelove meets.com...

..next up is Rihanna's reality show "Styled To Rock"

Ja Rule's microwave cookbook based on techniques he learned in prison.. 

..Chingy on VH1's "Couples Therapy"..

.. T-Pain cutting off his dreads ..

.. Lil' Wayne's new "Trukfit Juniors" clothing line ..

.. Eddie Murphy's "Musical Comeback", including a recent reggae video with .. 

.. Snoop Dogg, AKA Snoop Lion, who recently changed his name AGAIN to "Snoopzilla" .. 

.. Kobe Bryant unfollowing Dwight Howard on Twitter .. 

.. Shaq's new Gluten Free Vodka .. 

.. "The Game" signing to Cash Money Records..

.. annnnd last but not least Australian rapper Iggy Azalea claiming Miley Cyrus stole "twerking" from her. The end. 

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