Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Crossfit for C-Ville Weekly

For C-Ville Weekly's "Health Issue". Crossfit - some sort of exercise fad where you drink a lot of coffee, put yourself on the paleo diet, and maybe break your leg trying to lift something 5 times your weight - is apparently huge in Virginia, and can also lead to a horrifying condition called Rhabdomyolysis where your muscles rip open or something, affectionately called "Rhabdo" by crossfit devotees who see it as a badge of honor. 

My first sketch featured a sort of Jersey-Shore-meets-Ultimate-Fighting douche complete with Boondock Saints tattoos which I guess doesn't really read in Virginia where jocks still look more like 80's frat boys.

Anyway a fun quick job.. thanks to AD Bill LaSueur!

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