Sunday, May 5, 2013

Green Dystopia for Next City

Latest for Next City. Article about Philadelphia's image as a "green" city versus massive new opportunities for those oil refineries that make every trip to & from the airport look like Blade Runner. Click below for more detail. 

It's definitely a challenge not to interject humor into everything (especially with amazing photos of oil-worker activists plastered in borderline-tea party paraphernalia, and my brain goes right back to Steven Wells mode) but also a great opportunity to do something different and you know, get something in my portfolio other than mayonnaise slathered hot dogs and mouth-breathing mutants. 

It also helps that I'm fascinated by urban environments, and how they change and morph, even though i'm usually on the opposite side of these articles, preserving & romanticizing the past, but hey I can usually sneak in an old-school bakery or luncheonette next to the vegan laundry and reclaimed wood restaurant. Look out for some more work for Next City this month.

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