Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 Hot Dog Illustration Madness

Here's a bunch of hot dog related illustration I did in 2010 and haven't posted yet, including a poster for Farmer John (a Los Angeles meat company), a bunch of paintings for Fig Restaurant in Santa Monica (for their special summer hot dog menu) and some illustrations I was working on for an international hot dog place in South America (a project that sadly seems to have kicked the bucket).

These paintings were all meant for a hot dog restaurant in Brazil that never opened. The idea was international hot dogs with insane toppings, think Hot Doug's or Bark but riffing on European and South American hot dog styles rather than American. I had to translate everything to Portuguese which was pretty awesome. Really sad that this didn't work out- there was going to be 10 different dogs plus 10 smaller illos of the regions for packaging or whatever.