Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Hot Dog Prints

The hot dog madness refuses to end! 4 brand new bright as hell prints from some of my latest excursions. 11x14 giclees printed by Silicon Gallery Fine Arts in Philadelphia.

There are now 16 different designs available, pick up a set of 4 for $100 and a discount on shipping. Check them out on my web shop.

In case you haven't been following, every week I do an illustration of a different hot dog variation for a feature called "Hot Dog Of The Week" on Seriouseats.com and have recently been traveling the country in search of the best and wildest hot dogs. There is no end in sight as new variations keep popping up every day and almost every waking minute of my life is spent thinking about tubular meat.

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  1. those are puuurdy! and now as always it's 2 am and I'm starving! THE MIDWEST IS NOT GOOD FOR 2 AM EATING HAWK!

  2. funny thing is- while I'm working on these paintings at 4 in the morning, most likely eating something like leftover spaghetti with fish sauce and cabbage (the 3 things that are usually floating around my fridge)

  3. Love the prints. Are you planning to sell prints of the Rochester NY Zweigle's edition?

  4. Sorry not happening since Zweigle's is a trademark.. although I might eventually do "Rochester Red Hots"

  5. Hi,
    personally we love the "Toronto street meat", it's a very great stuff.

    The power of hot dog will never die !