Friday, July 31, 2009

More Hot Dogs

More hot dog illustrations for Serious Eats.

The Texas Weiner started in New Jersey and was created by Greeks but called "Texas" as a marketing gimmick. It's a dog with beanless chili (aka greek sauce) and raw onions. I was lucky enough to hit up a Texas Weiner place last week in Central PA.

The Puka Dog is a relatively new Hawaiian style hot dog that involves jamming a polish sausage into a mini bread loaf that has a hole in it, and filling it with all kinds of sweet coconut habenero action.

These are gouache on printmaking paper and are definitely for sale.
Prints coming soon!


  1. These are great! Love the colors.

  2. there were these great dogs on the streets of copenhagen, also in mini baguettes with crispy fried onions and spicy chili sauce. irresistible. don't know what there called, but they were everywhere.

  3. thanks and thanks!
    I'll have to look into these copenhagen hot dogs...