Thursday, January 30, 2014

GREEN DAWN weed issue cover for Willamette Week

For Portland's Willamette Week, for which I am apparently the official illustrator of Marijuana. This job was a blast, and made me think a lot about the old illustrated "Hemp 100" or "Pot 40" pages in the back of High Times that probably influenced me without really knowing it. Why is there not a coffee table book of these? Why do they not do this page anymore? I'm up for it.

Also if you don't know, "Willie Weed", the paper's official marijuana mascot / columnist is loosely based on legendary pothead / hippie / vegetarian basketball star Bill Walton. Anyway. on with illustrations.

Then there's this handy guide to deciding what type of weed to smoke. In order to turn the google spreadsheet they sent me into some sort of manageable illustration I plastered my walls with crazy person diagrams like Carrie in Homeland.

And also a guide to cannabis consumption devices. Until now I had no idea what "Vaping" was. 

And finally a mess of spot illustrations about "dealer etiquette". Read more here.

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