Friday, October 25, 2013

Philadelphia Newsstand Drawings

Recently scanned these from last month's show at B2. They are also all for sale on my website. Enjoy! This one's on Oregon Avenue in South Philly.

On the east side of City Hall, on Market St. Stocked to the gills.

Sort of made up from photos of a few different lunch carts. I'm semi obsessed with the new crop of "halal nyc gyro heathy rice combo" carts popping up here.

Broad & Oregon. Not actually called "Mike's" and maybe not really 24 hours but I've never seen it closed.

Graffiti'ed stand on 16th near JFK or Market. This was the one that made me want to draw a bunch of newsstands. 

Across from Reading Terminal, sells mostly old X-men comics. "No Tobacco Products".

East side of Broad & Tasker. The guy wears the same Pink Floyd shirt every day. Also lots of lotto "dream books".

Next to Oregon Diner and the Asian Market. (best asian market in South Philly by the way. Also has a pho place and banh mi.)

Here's a bunch or reference photos, including some I never got around to drawing…. 

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