Friday, June 14, 2013

Gorilla Biscuits / Start Today for "Covers Covered"

For a show of artists' versions of classic album covers, curated by Philly cartoonist / illustrator Box Brown at Record Lady, a great new (vinyl only!) record store in Fishtown. 

After shooting down some  ridiculous ideas (Franco-Japanese anime-basketball-core supergroup ROTNS?) I settled on drawing something I actually like.... I've put this album on many, many times to pump myself up to get to work and do something with my life.. and after all these years it still works. 

If you're like me and missed the opening because it was pouring.. the show is up at Record Lady all month... with lots of other great stuff from Box, Josh Bayer, Rodger Binyone (of Phila Poster Guild), Pat Aulisio and a bunch of other Philly and non-Philly artists & cartoonists. Good stuff.

Record Lady
2557 Amber St (At Frankford Ave)

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