Friday, October 15, 2010

Bootleg Hawk Krall Hot Dog Shirts!

Honestly, if I saw my hot dog paintings on some all-over-print oversized ghetto t-shirt in chinatown I would be sort of pissed but also kind of psyched, and probably even buy one. What I find perplexing is a seemingly legit Detroit clothing company doing it.. I mean.. come on, you're too lazy to just do your own lettering?

Don't Buy These.
Down With Detroit Apparel

Looks like they took them down from the site. But I wonder if there's still a warehouse full of these somewhere???


  1. THAT SUCKS..... And seems they were too lazy to do the hot dog illustration too. Looks they photoshop filterized the heck out of a picture (probably another poor soul's) to make look like a painting.