Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Vegas Pool Hookers

For Las Vegas Weekly.

The Rio Hotel in Vegas has a swimming pool where strippers walk around topless and pour champagne on each other. You could also buy sex, meth and cocaine there according to the Las Vegas police.

Don't miss these sweet mugshots of what looks like mostly Eastern European hookers. Definitely took me back to the good old days of drawing covers for Screw.

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  1. hate to be so stereotypical, but if you're in a hotel bar dressed in a suit, and a beautiful women comes over and starts talking to you out of the blue then chances are >80% she's there working.
    Sure women flirt, and stay in hotels for conferences, etc, but almost 100% of the time a random woman has approached me in such a place, with no eye-flirting, or similar, she's been looking to be rewarded/paid and right now it is not crime in vegas and imagine that they have opened new bar with hookers in Boston