Tuesday, April 21, 2009

cbgb's for roctober magazine

Roctober needed some art related to early 80's NYC punk / hardcore, thought CBGB's was deserving of an illustration especially since I've been listening to old hardcore and thrash nonstop for the last few months. I ended up spending just as much time looking at old show flyers on flickr than actually drawing anything.

So obviously I wasn't there in the early 80's but spent many weekends at CBGB's in the late 90's. There was always the best, craziest lineup of bands, some emo band opening up for disassociate (grindcore) followed by two "hawdcore" bands from long island in basketball jerseys, old biker/gg allin type dudes doing drugs with runaway squatter girls in the bathroom, lots of fights and drinking 40's from the bodega across the street. The bodega is still there, probably the only thing left.


Roctober is a fantastic magazine by the way, one of the few zine-style newsprint publications to survive both the bankruptcy of tower records (who carried a lot of semi-undergound music & culture magazines) and the supposed "death of print".

They're covering a lot more than rock these days, with lots of really in-depth interviews about everything from soul to truck-driving music, and tons of good comics and illustration. Also pages and pages of record and book reviews that's way more diverse than the same 3 hipster bands you read about every day on the internet.

Individual issues of Roctober are available from Atomic Books

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