Friday, March 20, 2009

bsg sketches

in honor of the series finale tonight I wanted to do some portraits of battlestar galactica characters.. if you dont know already it's a fantastic show... I finally gave it a chance and devoured the first 3 seasons on DVD in maybe 2 weeks.

Adama (Edward James Olmos) was easy, but I must have drawn Boomer/Sharon/Athena (Grace Park) about 400 times and still don't have it right. I really want to get a good Starbuck with her knocking back a shot, maybe I'll work on more next week.. where do they get all the booze & cigarettes in outer space anyway??


  1. Like these. Saul is great. Nice job.

  2. Oh snaaaaaap! All are GREAT. The Boomer one captures her mood more than her looks. Can you do a Number 6? Are any of these still available? I'm on season 4.5 right now + people tell me their opinions of the end. Well jokes on them - people that ruin stuff for others are jerks.

  3. Thanks! I sold Adama but the others are floating around somewhere + there are more that I didn't post.

    Never did a number 6! I drew boomer like 20 times and just couldn't get her face right.. not easy!!