Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Column header for a new Willamette Week column about Oregon's coming legal/sort of legal/medical/etc cannibis industry. 

I learned all about "trichomes", listened to lots of jungle and looked at hundreds of photos of "Old School Pure Kush".

Philly Phanatic For Philadelphia Magazine

For Philadelphia Magazine. Article / rant about the overuse of "PH" for EVERY SINGLE thing in Philadelphia. Also the Phanatic is awesome to draw. If you didn't know he has a Japanese cousin "Slyly the Hiroshima Carp".

Monday, November 4, 2013

Poutine For Adirondack Life

Recent one for an article about Poutine in the "North Country" region for Adirondack Life magazine. Being close to Canada they have some legit stuff up there ranging from traditional (real cheese curds and hand cut fries) to gourmet versions cheffed up with chunks of brisket, porcini gravy, or octopus. Thanks to Kelly Hofschneider and Niki Kourofsky for another cool job.