Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sandwich Show at American Sardine Bar

BIG Thanks to everyone who came to check out the show & also to chef Scott Schroeder & Michael Jordan at ASB for hooking it up. The show will be up until January at American Sardine Bar, 18th & Federal in Philadelphia. 

25 sandwich paintings, some are from the menus of American Sardine and South Philly Taproom, others are Philly classics, then some random regional stuff that I've always wanted to draw. 

A bunch are still for sale, you can check them out at the bar or just email me (hawk krall at gmail dot com) for more info & prices.Check out the whole show on flickr and/or the awesome article that Drew Lazor wrote about the show for the Daily News. 

These were all done on wood with house paint - something I'm getting into that's faster & looser than my illustrations. I don't do anything more than a thumbnail sketch (if at all) before drawing straight onto the board, different from my detailed hot dog diagram illustrations where I painstakingly agonize over every detail with 20 layers of tracing paper.

Definitely into doing work like this for clients - I don't know how well they will scan and reproduce, but if you're just looking for something to hang in your restaurant or hot dog cart, I can do this a lot faster & cheaper than the other stuff, and you'll receive it ready to go up on the wall or whatever.

Also debuting at the show was the South Philly / South Africa Gatsby Combo in which Scott and myself collaborated to attempt fusion of the South Africa Gatsby Sandwich and the infamous Philly Combo

For this special Scott has been driving up to Rieker's in Fox Chase to pick up their mind-blowing beef and pork frankfurters - maybe one of the best in the country - if I was running a kitchen in Philadelphia there is no way I wouldn't serve these. Topped with deep fried cod, skate wing and potato fish cakes, mustard seed /  longhot pepper hash (nod to both philly and the indian achtar pickles served on Gatsbys in South Africa) and tumeric mayo.

I don't know if this thing has much to do with authentic Gastbys or real Philly Surf & Turf but it's freaking delicious. Even though it sounds insane, it really really works. On the menu until January, when ASB will unveil the next monthly guest sandwich.

December 8th - January 2013
American Sardine Bar
18th & Federal, Philadelphia